Hakkasan Restaurant | Level 1 and 2

Enveloped in shades of blue signature to the brand, the entrance to Hakkasan Las Vegas restaurant is like entering a different world. Upon arrival, guests are greeted by ambient sounds, scents and lighting, all key elements making up Hakkasan’s DNA, creating a relaxed mood and sensual vibe. Located on the first level is the main dining area, separated by latticed woodwork known as the “Cage” allowing for intimate dining spaces within the main room while still sharing the atmosphere of the entire dining area. The main bar is lit up with Hakkasan’s signature blue accompanied by 17 seating areas perfect for mingling, ordering a cocktail or casually dining with others.

As guests make their way to the second level, they are welcomed into the Private Dining Room (PDR). Overlooking the main dining room, this elaborate space is accompanied by a private lounge, fitted with plush couches and comfortable accent chairs. The PDR serves as a private oasis designed for guests to relax after their meal or provide a more intimate setting for socializing.

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Ling Ling Lounge

Ling Ling Lounge is a captivating private environment curated to esteemed guests seeking a more intimate nightlife experience located on the third level. Framed by its traditionally drawn marble paneling and signature Hakkasan lattice work, the space provides a more relaxed atmosphere… read more

Ling Ling Club

The first nightlife elements are unveiled with the Ling Ling Club, a 10,000-square-foot experience located on the third level of the nightlife mecca that pulsates with the energy and vibrancy Las Vegas is known for… read more

Main Room and Mezzanine

On the fourth level lies the main nightclub where oversized VIP booths surround the dance floor, offering a high-energy experience for table guests who wish to be at the center of the action… read more


Adjacent to the main nightclub is the pavilion, a nightlife experience with an outdoor feel featuring an oriental garden, classic to its Chinoiserie design. The space operates as an extension of the main nightclub or individually… read more

Hakkasan All Access

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